• dr. Elias Rinsampessy

    dr. Elias Rinsampessy, Cultural Anthropology. Chairman of the Board of: Muhabbat Foundation & Pattimura Academy


  • Simeon Rinsampessy

    dhr. Simeon Rinsampessy

    Directeur van De Sirkel

    Gem. Stichtse Vecht

  • drs. David A. Rinsampessy

    drs. David A. Rinsampessy, GZ-psychologist


  • drs. Azaria Janwarin

    drs. Azaria Janwarin, psychologist

  • dhr. Djodjie C. A. Rinsampessy

    dhr. Djodjie C. A. Rinsampessy (Poetry'Hitss)

  • drs. Emile Hitijahubessy(Tan-trading)

    drs. Emile Hitijahubessy, sociologist


  • mevr. Erna Pfaff-Pesulima (LimAdvice)

    mevr. Erna Pfaff-Pesulima


  • Jan Munster

    Jan Munster, voorzitter Kaum Ama Ama